Thursday, January 11, 2007

ODP Honors, Respects Legacy and
Life of Dr. Martin Luther King

Oklahoma Democratic Party Chairman Lisa Pryor statement on ODP’s commitment to Martin Luther King Day. To honor Dr. King, the ODP will be closed on Monday, January 15.

“We should continue to embrace the values that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. represented – social and economic justice and equality. We are committed to King’s ideals and are working to bring those moral values into the state political discourse. As we celebrate the birthday of Dr. King, we should remain steadfast in advancing the principles for which he sacrificed his life.

Dr. King stood for the very things we at the Oklahoma Democratic Party are fighting for every day. We believe in a community where all people are equal, we believe in a government that serves people with compassion and responsibility. We believe that no child in Oklahoma should ever go to bed hungry and we believe all Oklahomans are entitled to an opportunity to succeed in life. Equality, social justice, civil rights, and the protection of the less fortunate are just a few of the ideals Dr. King engrained into our collective conscience. Unfortunately, the Bush Administration has consistently advanced public policies that undermine and threaten the achievement of these very principles.”

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