Thursday, January 04, 2007

A New Direction

Today, the 110th Congress opens a new chapter for America's future.

Americans rejected one-party rule last November. This January, Democrats are going to reach across the aisle so Congress can deliver results.

It's time to start moving America forward. The three day week in Washington is over-now the Senate is going to get to work.

Today, Senate Democrats introduce our top ten Leadership bills. Next week, we get to work on the first of them-ethics reform to clean up Congress and make Washington work for America again.

Democrats' priorities match Americans' priorities-taking this country in a new direction.
  1. Ethics reform, to clean up Congress so Congress can get back to serving the American people.
  2. Raising the minimum wage, to give millions of American families an opportunity to achieve the American Dream.
  3. Medicare Prescription Drug program reform, to save seniors, the disabled, and American taxpayers money.
  4. Acting on the 9/11 Commission Recommendations, to fully secure our ports and borders and ensure that our first responders have the resources they need to keep America safe.
  5. Funding stem cell research, to open the promise of life-saving cures and treatments.
  6. Energy reform, to address global warming and put America on a path to energy independence.
  7. Easing the financial burden of college tuition, to increase accessibility for hardworking students and their families.
  8. Strengthening and rebuilding America's military, to ensure the American people get the real security they deserve.
  9. Comprehensive immigration reform, to fix America's broken immigration system.
  10. Pay-as-you-go legislation, so that Congress has to cover its costs just like American families do.
From change here at home to change abroad in Iraq, Democrats and Republicans can work together in Washington on behalf of people all across America.

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