Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mojo Magic or Muscle?

Yesterday's announcement that Sen. Barak Obama will set up an exploratory committee for the presidential nomination is sending tremors through Sen. Hillary Clinton's camp and setting up an historic gender and race contest for Democrats according to a story in today's Washington Post. Read about it here.

Other Democrats who are running include Sen. Chris Dodd, Sen. John Edwards, Sen. Joe Biden, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Gov. Tom Vilsack, Gov. Bill Richardson and quite possibly Gen. Wes Clark and former Vice-President Al Gore. Sen. Evan Bayh was an early rumored candidate but dropped out earlier this month. Sen. Russ Feingold had been building an organization through the Progressive Patriot Fund with an eye to running, but he also dropped out.

Nothing excites the voters like a presidential campaign. So get ready, it's coming and coming fast. Who's your favorite? As the campaigns contact us I'd like to let them know who their Sooner State supporters are. You can email me at

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