Sunday, May 21, 2006

Okfuskee and Hughes County Democrats

A big thanks to all the Democrats from Hughes and Okfuskee Counties who showed up last night at the Wes Watkins Technology Center in Wetumka for a great evening of "truth telling" by local and state candidates. Pat Alford and her crew did a great job organizing the BBQ fundraiser for the Hughes County Democratic Party. A special thanks to Beverly Rogers for cheering on the candidates and speakers --- we need more of that energy and enthusiasm!

Of note, former Speaker of the House Larry Adair, who now serves at the CD 2 chairman for the ODP, was emcee for the evening's events which included remarks from Senator Frank Shurden, Democratic candidate for State Labor Commissioner, Rep. Dale Turner who is seeking his sixth term, and Senator Susan Paddack. Senate candidate Roger Ballenger asked for support in his efforts to fill the upcoming vacancy in SD 8 where Shurden is term limited. At least four candidates for County Commissioner spoke to the crowd of about 150 yellow dog Democrats and one guide dog named Hoss. The energetic Hughes County Assessor Kathi Mask who has served for 16 years asked for another four. Former Senator Billye Floyd from Ada spoke on behalf of Lt. Governor candidate Jari Askins and Kathi Mask spoke for State Auditor Jeff McMahan, reminding folks that Jeff grew up in nearby Holdenville.

I had the pleasure of closing the evening's festivities by reminding the audience that 2006 should be the end of the red tide for state Republicans who have hitched their wagon to the lying, buying, spying Republican culture of corruption, cronyism and incompetence that is guiding the extremist Republican leadership in DC and OKC.

On a more positive note I reminded them that a basic difference between our party and theirs is that we put "people first" while they pander to the "privileged few." Everyone in the room could've given personal testimony of that and will in the coming months as they take our vision and our values to their friends, families, and neighbors. And, oh, yes, we are a party of values, in fact, our values are pretty much summed up in these two words: Golden Rule. If you need explanation of that, you are probably a Republican, because Democrats know what that means and they live it. You might say we are "faith in action"....what's the song, a little less talk and a lot more action?

Speaking of action, that reminds me of auction, and they had a good one last night. The "prize" was a silent auction piece of artwork featuring a photograph of RFK and these words: "as long as America must choose, that long will there be a need and a place for the Democratic Party. We Democrats can run on our record but we cannot rest on it. We will win if we continue to take the initiative and if we carry the message of hope and action throughout the country. Alexander Smith once said, 'A man doesn't plant a tree for himself. He plants it for posterity.' Let us continue to plant, and our children shall reap the harvest. That is our destiny as Democrats."

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