Sunday, May 21, 2006

America Prefers Democrats

I read a lot of polls. They actually can tell us a lot about what people are thinking and what they want from their leaders. For instance, 85% of Oklahomans favor an increase in the minimum wage (I’m guessing the other 15% are the pretty much the same folks who brought us “right to work”). I already believed that, but the poll numbers reinforced it.

Here are some other poll numbers that tell us alot. According to the latest (May 16, 2006) Washington Post-ABC News poll: Which political party, the (Democrats) or the (Republicans), do you trust to do a better job handling (ITEM)?

Democrats Republicans

a. The situation in Iraq 50 36
b. Protecting Americans'
privacy rights as the
government investigates
terrorism 52 37
c. Gasoline prices 54 23
d. The economy 52 34
e. Immigration issues 48 34
f. The U.S. campaign
against terrorism 46 41
g. Health care 61 28
h. Education 56 33
i. Taxes 52 38
j. The federal budget 54 34

The message is clear: The American people trust Democrats to do the better job on each of the top issues affecting the country today. Every single one.

Also in that poll - the American people want Congress to be controlled by the Democratic Party by a margin of 56-33%.

And, here’s one more: Overall, which party, the (Democrats) or the (Republicans), do you trust to do a better job in coping with the main problems the nation faces over the next few years? The answer: Democrats 50% Republicans 36%.

It seems clear to me (1) Democrats are right on the issues, and (2) the American people trust (and want) us to lead. Now, let’s get to work, take that message to the people of Oklahoma and ELECT DEMOCRATS!

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