Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Republicans should listen to their own rhetoric.
Ivan Holmes – Chairman, Oklahoma Democratic Party

In last Sunday’s editorial, “In the mirror”, the Oklahoman once again dusted off the old argument that Democrats do a poor job of defining themselves, but it just isn’t true.

The Oklahoma Democratic Party is a diverse party with many answers to the problems facing America. We believe a free discussion of ideas breeds good public policy and bipartisan governing. It is unfortunate that right-wingers label free discussion as a lack of direction when they should join Democrats in searching for solutions to the problems facing families.

Democrats are focused on solving the monumental problems that have piled up under seven years of the Bush administration, while Republicans are struggling with an identity crisis in the midst of the largest national deficit ever, a failing Iraq war policy, skyrocketing healthcare costs, crumbling schools and infrastructure, and a stagnant economy.

Republican operatives have been successful in the past by convincing voters that Democrats don’t care about family values or morality, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Democrats support policies that lift up the poor and middle class, while Republicans support tax cuts for the rich. Democrats fight for decent wages so working people can provide for their families with dignity, while Republicans seek to guarantee corporations and CEOs rake in record profits.

Republicans say they stand for morality, but the rhetoric simply doesn’t match their actions…

  • What is moral about sending our soldiers into a war based on lies with no plan to bring them home?
  • What is moral about making senior citizens choose between life-saving medicine and basic necessities?
  • What is moral about cutting funds from the schools most in need of assistance?
  • What is moral about robbing programs that help families survive to give the rich huge tax cuts?
  • What is moral about neglecting our veterans by closing VA hospitals and slashing benefits in time of war?
  • What is moral about allowing corrupt lobbyist to buy their way into the legislative process?

In contrast, Democrats believe we have a moral obligation to provide real solutions to the problems that face families…

  • Democrats believe we must find a reasonable plan to end the war in Iraq and bring our troops home.
  • Democrats believe everyone, regardless of income, deserves access to health care.
  • Democrats believe every child should have a quality education.
  • Democrats believe everyone is entitled to a living wage and tax cuts should benefit working people.
  • Democrats believe we must support veterans by providing them with the benefits they deserve.
  • Democrats believe in government guided by personal responsibility and accountability.

It is time for Democrats to be proud. We must speak these truths to our friends and neighbors. The Democratic Party does have a clear vision for a safer, stronger and more prosperous Oklahoma. Democrats are ready to restore honor and dignity to the White House and put America back on track.

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