Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Oklahoma Democratic Party
Embraces New Veterans Federation

Chairman Holmes applauds accomplishment
and praises veterans for their service to our country.

Oklahoma City, OK - The Oklahoma Democratic Party State Central Committee officially accepted the by-laws of the Oklahoma Democratic Party Veterans Committee making ODPVC the first federation of Democratic veterans to be officially recognized in Oklahoma. The meeting, held on Saturday, August 18 in Oklahoma City, was host to numerous veterans who came to show their support for the effort.

“As a veteran of Vietnam and a Democrat, I believe it is important to remind the brave men and women of our military that Democrats are the only party fighting for military pay increases, fighting to protect our benefits, and fighting to keep VA hospitals open,” said Calvin Rees, who serves as Secretary of the Fifth Congressional District Democrats and as a member of the ODP State Central Committee. Rees presented the by-laws on behalf of the Veterans Committee, which were unanimously accepted.

The ODPVC submitted the necessary State By-Laws amendment to make the group an official federation with a voting representative on the ODP State Central Committee. The amendment will be considered at the February 23, 2008 State Convention in Oklahoma City. In the interim, the State Central Committee unanimously passed a motion to seat a non-voting member on the Committee until the ODP By-Laws are amended by the State Convention.

“As a veteran, I am proud of the actions the Oklahoma Democratic Party took to recognize the tremendous sacrifice our military personnel and veterans have made for this country,” said Ivan Holmes, Chairman of the Oklahoma Democratic Party. “For too long Republicans have tried to convince voters we don’t support the troops, but nothing could be further from the truth”.

Following the historic move, the Oklahoma Democratic Party hosted a “Support the Troops” event on August 21 to honor and thank our veterans for their service. The event participants prepared 116 care packages for troops deployed from Oklahoma to Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait. Over $1,500 in miscellaneous items were collected from all over the state and enough money was donated to cover all shipping costs.

“Sadly, the Bush Administration has continued to push war, while forgetting our troops and veterans,” declared Ivan Holmes, State Democratic Party Chair. “Democrats will continue to fight for the benefits veterans have earned and ensure they get the respect they deserve”.

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