Monday, July 16, 2007

Oklahoma Democratic Party
Challenges Inhofe to Denounce Bush
What about the “moral health of our Nation” now, Senator Inhofe?

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – “I think the final truth is that this President should be held to the very highest of standards,” stated Oklahoma Republican Senator Jim Inhofe, who went on to say, “[I] get many, many letters from young children, parents, teachers, and others who are deeply distressed about the President’s behavior and its impact on the moral health of the Nation.”

These words from Senator Inhofe would be a fitting response to the July 2, 2007 get out of jail free card given convicted top aide to Vice President Dick Cheney, Scooter Libby, by Republican President George W. Bush, but they are not. Unfortunately, these words were spoken in the closed-door perjury trial of former President Bill Clinton and released into the Congressional Record on February 12, 1999. Libby recently received his conviction and prison sentence after lying about national security matters to a grand jury.

Inhofe, Oklahoma’s Senior Republican Senator has remained shockingly silent on the commutation of convicted perjurer Scooter Libby, despite his four page diatribe about the importance of telling the truth, where he added, “I have a hard time reconciling the idea that there might be certain permissible exceptions to telling the truth under oath”.

Today, Dr. Ivan Holmes, Chairman of the Oklahoma Democratic Party, called on Senator Inhofe to take the same stand on the Libby commutation and denounce President Bush for his actions. “Where is your outrage now about the moral health of our nation, Mr. Inhofe? It is time for Senator Inhofe and the other twenty-four Republican Senators who voted to impeach Clinton to stand behind their past rhetoric and denounce this Republican President, who has basically told the American people that his political cronies are above the law, even when it comes to obstructing justice, perjury and endangering the life of former C.I.A. agent.”

The Oklahoma Democratic Party has received an outpouring of calls, letter and emails from outraged citizens demanding that Senator Inhofe do the right thing by taking a stand against this corrupt Republican Administration. Senator Inhofe, who is up for re-election in 2008, will be facing a stiff challenge from any of a number of prominent Democrats eyeing the race.

According to the Southern Political Report from June 6, 2007, Inhofe could be vulnerable due to several factors, including, “The Democrats re-elected Gov. Brad Henry with ease in 2006, despite this state’s pro-Republican history. And although Inhofe has spent ten years in the Senate, he had a tepid approval rating in SurveyUSA’s last poll in November, 2006, with 46% approving of his performance to 41% who disapproved; he ranked a poor 86th among the 100 senators. Since then, national political trends have not favored the GOP -- indeed, they have gotten worse.”

“It is a sad day for Oklahoma when we are stuck with one of the worst U.S. Senators in the nation, especially considering Oklahoma has produced such greats as Robert S. Kerr, David Boren, Mike Monroney, and Fred Harris, which all just happened to be Democrats!”, Holmes concluded.
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